shipping Policity

It is understood that by purchasing any of our products, the customer accepts the terms,
delivery conditions and policies that are specified below.

i) The estimated delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the place of delivery. Our
Contact center when confirming the purchase order will indicate the approximate delivery time.
ii) Delivery is free from purchases over US $ 20.00 anywhere in the world. For shopping
Under this amount, the client has the option to choose the cheapest option.
iii) The customer undertakes to provide the necessary information of the recipient to carry out the delivery of the
requested product. Any error or lack of information in this regard, will be the sole responsibility
the client’s.
iv) It is the client’s responsibility to verify that a person is at the destination to perform the
Receipt of your purchase order. If there is no one in the home, business and / or company, the
Messenger and / or the carrier will follow the following procedure:
to. In case of being a worker of the place, either at home or in the office, he will stay with the one who receives the
purchase order, signing it as responsible. The messenger or dispatcher will take note of
who received it, their identity document and the time of receipt. In case of being the place of
Work will be taken the name of the receptionist or guard in his absence.
second. If there is no one at the delivery point, the courier or dispatcher will leave a notice by mail
email the customer about what happened, so he can pick up the product at the local post office.

The hours of attention to receive purchases through the Yayir.com portal are:
Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. at 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. at 11:00 p.m.
Yayir.com also makes deliveries at the following times:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. at 12:00 m.
Delivery is free from purchases over US $ 20.00 anywhere in the world. To make purchases
In this amount, the customer has the option to choose the cheapest delivery option.
Yayir.com will not accept as a commitment the special schedules that the client writes in the fields
requested and will only attend as indicated in this document.
The customer accepts that if his purchase order has been registered outside the time of receipt of purchases,
will send in the next available immediate time interval.
IMPORTANT: Purchase orders placed online on Sunday, will be processed the next day immediately.

The client must provide all the details of the address of the recipient. In case the client does not have the complete address, he can be helped to find the address, provided it is a commercial address, company or places that, due to their commercial, assistance or governmental nature, are of public interest, these effects The customer provides at least the phone and email and the contact’s name.
Yayir.com reserves the right not to provide information to the client in case it has incurred in the delivery of information
partial or deceptive about your identity.

The prices are expressed in US dollars and include the Tax. They also have a validity of 30
calendar days, however, may be subject to change without prior notice.
Yayir.com guarantees the availability of the products shown on the portal. If a situation arises,
lack of availability, Yayir.com will inform its customers in a timely manner, by email from our
Contact center, about this situation beyond our control, indicating the estimated delivery time.

The customer agrees to pay / settle / cancel the purchase order made by the Yayir.com portal in its entirety.
The type of payment is with VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards. Yayir.com has an SSL certificate to offer its customers the highest security and confidence possible when making their payments online.

Once the Purchase Order has been sent and processed, through our portal Yayir.com, it will not be accepted
No cancellation.
We will accept cancellations of any purchase order within the following 24 hours of requested, provided and
when the product has not been sent. In this case, the client must request the
refund or cancellation of payment by credit card, so that
proceed to its return, provided that it complies with the conditions explained above.
To cancel your purchase order or any of its items, the customer must contact
us through the Contact Center, by email to sales@yayir.com

Use of cards without authorization of the owner or stolen.
We are not responsible for purchases made with

Use of cards without authorization of the owner or stolen.
We are not responsible for purchases made with credit cards without prior authorization from the owner or stolen;
understanding that the person making the purchase is fully authorized to carry out the transaction and that, therefore,
Therefore, we can not refuse to process it. When making transactions through the Internet without the prior consent of the owner or
with stolen cards, a fraud is constituted that is punished with the legislation of the local country of the holder of the card.
Payment not recognized due to disagreements with the service or ignorance of the payment method
We send information by email to our customers regarding our card payment providers.
To avoid confusion about this, we send to
Through an email to our customers a notification informing you that in your account statement
the payment of the purchase will appear under the name of Yayir.com
. We do not accept, under any circumstance, any unrecognized payment. by the client due to the lack of
knowledge of the way of collection or disagreements with the delivery. The fact of establishing a claim with the
bank, without realizing this purchase, implies a suspicion of possible fraud; therefore, with the information of
order, the signature of the receipt of the order by the recipient, there will be sufficient evidence to demonstrate that
He made a possible fraud with the bank and he can cancel his credit immediately. Then it will be vital
It is important that the client always contact us to clarify any point.
Consumer protection.
We are committed to comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Law and the guidelines of
Privacy Policy.

Any situation not covered by these policies will be resolved by our Contact Center. At all times
We will verify under the philosophy of maximum customer satisfaction, the fulfillment of our agreements, in the
understanding that there will be agents external to us that will prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.

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